MyBKexperience – Enjoy Free Whopper from Burger King Survey

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MyBKexperience – Enjoy Free Whopper from Burger King Survey
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Burger King is one of top fast food chains specializing in the burger. This burger store is so popular that we can find more than 12.000 outlets spread worldwide. Although it has many competitors, Burger King can develop its business very well. It is because Burger King concern to satisfy all of its customers. This restaurant listens to what their customers want. That is why Burger King conducts a customer survey named MyBKexperience. This survey facilitates the customers to express their opinion about Burger King.

For the company, MyBKexperience is useful to measure the guests’ satisfaction. By assessing the result of this survey, Burger King can know which aspects which need to improve. So, in the future, Burger King can fulfill what the customers want. Besides, the decision taking will be based on the result of this customer survey. Burger King will be able to find out the most urgent issue which needs to solve. As the example, there are many complaints about the friendliness of Burger King staffs. So, Burger King has to encourage to be more friendly. It is because the performance of Burger King staffs can affect the customers’ willingness to return to their store. Furthermore, when many customers complain about the outlet cleanliness, Burger King has to respond it as soon as possible. So, on the next visit, the customers will be comfortable dining in Burger King.


Burger King survey is not only the media to tell your complaint. Although you have the happy experience at Burger King, you are still able to participate at MyBKexperience. You can state that you are highly satisfied with their food and service. To prove that you are a Burger King loyal customer, you should take Burger King Survey. Only with Burger King receipt, you can be the participant of this survey. Spending a few minutes of your time will worth the survey reward. Burger King really appreciates your willingness to take this survey. So, it offers Burger King coupon as a survey reward. After completing this short survey, you will receive a Burger King coupon code. Then, this coupon is redeemable with one of Burger King tasty menu. For instance, you can claim free Whopper sandwich, Croissan’wich Sandwich, or the original chicken sandwich.

What is MyBKexperience Survey Requirement?

Most of the customers come to Burger King since they want to enjoy the tasty Burger. So, what if Burger King offers free sandwich and burger for free? They must be interested in getting this offer. In fact, you can enjoy the free sandwich or Whopper if you take part in MyBKexperience survey. Burger King survey is available online at To access Burger King survey, you have to own these items.

  • Burger King receipt.

Without Burger King receipt, MyBKexperience is not accessible. So, after buying Burger King product, you have to keep the receipt from the cashier. It is because Burger King receipts contain some important details which you have to enter at Burger King survey portal. You can start Burger King survey after entering the valid store number along with the survey codes. Both details are in your Burger King receipt.

  • Laptop, PC, or tablet.

Accessing MyBKexperience by using a laptop or PC is better than using a smartphone. It is because the display of the survey portal is much better. Besides, taking the survey through a computer is faster than the mobile phone. But, you need to check the internet connection. Only use the stable and reliable internet access to avoid loading trouble.

By preparing these two items, you can already access MyBKexperience survey. Besides, you also need to allocate a few minutes of your time. This survey may last five minutes or more. The duration of the survey depends on your internet access and your speed to respond the questions. Furthermore, you have to keep in mind that one receipt is only can be used to access My BK experience once. So, in case you cannot complete the survey, you will not be able to re-enter the survey by using the same receipt. Do not forget to prepare a writing tool. It is because you will need a pen to write the Burger King coupon code. When this coupon appears on the survey page, you have to make a note on your receipt. If you want to redeem it, you should present it to Burger King cashier before making a purchase.

What is MyBKexperience Survey Rule?

Knowing the survey rules is as important as knowing the survey requirement. So, here we present some rules related to MyBKexperience survey. Understanding the rules enables you to know the limitation of the survey. Besides, it also can help you to complete Burger King survey easily. As a result, you can enjoy free Whopper sandwich from Burger King. These are the rules of Burger King survey.

  • One receipt is for one entry.

When you only own one BK receipt, it means you only have one chance to take part in this survey. If you have used the survey code on the receipt to enter MyBKexperience, you will not be able to use this code later.

  • The limitation of the survey.

The survey is only available for one person in one month. So, you cannot enter Burger King survey more than once in 30 days. Besides, MyBKexperience reward is not available for the employees or the staffs’ family of Burger King. Luckily, there is no rule about the participant’s age. No matter your age, you can take part in Burger King survey. But, if the participants are less than 13 years old, their parent should accompany them.

  • Burger King survey period.

There are some survey periods held by Burger King in one year. When a survey period is over, Burger King will close the survey. Then, you may not be able to find any BK survey code on the receipt. MyBKexperience survey portal may be still accessible. However, you will not be able to enter the survey. In this case, you have to wait for the following Burger King survey period.

  • Survey reward.

Burger King only gives you 30 days to claim the survey reward. So, you have to redeem Burger King coupon within one month after taking MyBKexperience. Besides, the reward depends on Burger King promotional offer. So, in every survey period, Burger King may give the different reward. As the example, you can claim a chicken sandwich, Croissan’wich, or Burger King Whopper sandwich. Besides, Burger King may ask you to purchase some meal before claiming the reward.

How to participate in My BKexperience Survey?

MyBKexperience survey is easy to complete. Within five minutes, you can answer all BK questionnaire. Then, the Burger King coupon is in your hand. Most of the customers join BK survey because they want to enjoy the reward. Besides, others want to give Burger King feedback. No matter your intention of taking the survey, you have to do this survey truthfully. So, every response you give must be honest and based on your real dining experience at Burger King.

Before accessing MyBKexperience survey site, make sure that you hold Burger King receipt in your hand. So, you will be easy to find the receipt details when you need it. Here are Burger King survey steps that can guide you to get the survey reward.

  • Visit MyBKexperience survey site.

To access Burger King survey portal, you have to write in the address bar of your browser. When you press Enter, you will be able to land on Burger King Survey home page. The language setting of BK survey portal is English. But, other languages such as French and Spanish are available.

  • Write down Burger King store number.

On My BK Experience home page, there is an instruction to input the store number. This number reflects Burger King restaurant location. Every restaurant will have different store number. You can search this store number on your Burger King receipt. When you input the wrong store number, the site will show an alert message.

  • Write down Burger King survey validation code.

If you can enter the correct store number, Burger King survey site will take you to the next page. In this page, you have to enter MyBKexperience survey code. The next, if necessary, you also should enter the time of your transaction in Burger King. Both survey code and visit time details are available on the receipt.

  • Respond Burger King questionnaire.

As the respondent of MyBKexperience survey, you have to answer all of Burger King questionnaires. First, there will be some prompts to rate Burger King menus, staff’s professionalism, as well as the venue. Make sure that all of your answers are the honest response. It is because your feedback will be useful to improve Burger King service and business quality.

  • Take the coupon from Burger King.

Finally, you can complete MyBKexperience survey.  Then, you deserve to get Burger King validation code. Through this coupon, Burger King thanks the survey participants for taking the survey. You have to write this BK coupon code on your receipt. Then, in the next purchase, you can claim a free Burger King Whopper Sandwich.

How to Contact Burger King Customer Service?

Every time you have a question about Burger King, you have to contact Burger King Customer Care. Besides, you also can contact them for telling your feedback. So, taking part in MyBKexperience is not the only way to voice your feedback. There is a difference between sharing the feedback via survey and contacting the customer service. If you take the survey, you will need a receipt. But, if you tell the feedback by contacting the customer service, you do not need to have Burger King receipt. There are three ways to contact Burger King customer service. You can try to get in touch with Burger King Customer Service by selecting one of these methods.

  • By phone.

When you have the immediate issue to talk, you should call Burger King Customer Service Number soon. Just feel free to dial +1 866 394 2493. But, Burger King customer service is only available from 7 am – 11 pm. So, if you want to get the fast response from Burger King Customer Support staff, you should call them at those hours.

  • Burger King website.

The second, you can contact Burger King through its website. You have to access Then, click on Contact Us which is available at the bottom of the page. Then, you will be directed to the feedback page. Here, you can select the feedback topic. For instance, you can choose General Inquiry, Feedback (Dine In/takeaway/ delivery), Bulk order, or request for sponsorship. After that, there is a form which you have to fill in. It requires your name, email address, as well as your contact number. Then, you should specify the date of your visit. Do not forget to mention Burger King location that you visited. The last, you can write Burger King feedback freely. After writing the feedback, you can press the Green Submit button.

  • Leave your Message at Burger King Contact Form.

The third, you can leave a message to Burger King. Click on this link Then, you can rate the overall satisfaction with Burger King brand by giving the star. The next, you should select the type of the feedback. For instance, it is about service or product feedback, BK Brown Card, Burger King Mobile app, etc. After that, you should select the category of your comment. After that, you can enter your comment or feedback in the field provided. Burger King limits you to write the feedback in 1000 characters. So, you have to be straightforward in writing the comment. The last, you can press the Orange Submit button to send your feedback.

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  1. The BK Experience would not take Store #5777. How disappointing. Also, BK I have been a customer as a child until now, lots of years. Did you not think we would notice the whopper got smaller, meat and bun and the letter tomato etc is small too, even if you say heavy on the ___. You should change the name, because it is no longer a WHOPPER just a burger

  2. survey is bullshit. tried to fill it out and after all the number punching in, message stated “having quota filled at this time”. waste of my valuable time.

  3. Tried to take the survey for a free whopper. There is no survey code on the receipts for store#11234 in Big Stone Gap, Va. apparently they remove the code so as not to give away free whoppers

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